Let The Job Look for You: 3 Simple Steps Involved, Department of Labour

How To Register as a Work-seeker at Department of labour
Unemployed people can register as work-seekers at their nearest labour centre. This will enable employers to find them if they are looking for candidates for learnerships.

Registering as work-seeker
Unemployed people should use the following steps to register as work-seekers:
Step 1: Complete the Work-seeker Registration Form
Unemployed people must complete the Work-seeker Registration Form and hand it in at their nearest labour centre. Or You can Download The Job-Seeker Database Registration Form
Step 2: Keep your contact details up to date
Work-seekers must keep in contact with the labour centre and let them know as soon as their details change.
Step 3: Be prepared for interviews
Keep your CV up to date and prepare for interviews.

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