South African Gold Coin Exchange

The South African Gold Coin Exchange is a world leader in Gold bullion and numismatics.

Established in 1972.
Established in 1999, The Scoin Shop is the first and only coin and medallion retail chain store in the world.
Exclusive partnerships, and worldwide distributors in modern numismatics, from the largest mints in the world, including; Mint Of Norway, British Royal Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Monnaie De Paris and Staatliche Münze Berlin.
Exclusive worldwide distributor of the Mint of Norway’s Nobel Laureate Medallions


stores in South Africa

bought and sold in gold bullion and collectable/s
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coin collectors

Coins capture the essence of a human existence. Since the early days, coins have not only been a medium of exchange but a way to document our history in rare and precious metals around the globe. Whether a bullion, rare, or modern coin each has its own story to tell, imprinting our legacy for years to come.
Own a piece of history and start your collection today.
Bullion coins

Purchase South African Krugerrands
Rare coins

Purchase Rare Coins from various Mints of the world
ZAR coins

Purchase some of the oldest and most valuable coins in the world
Buy …
Address: 4th Floor, Atrium on 5th, East Tower, Sandton City, Sandton, 2191 | Phone: 011 784 8551 | Email:

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