Trainee Transnet Train Assistant

Do you have talent to assist the Train Driver in the movement of the train and to convey information to the client centre and route to enhance the safe, fast movement of commodities?

Transnet Trainee Train Assistant

Qualifications & Experience :

• Grade 12 with Mathematics
• At least 1,6 meters tall
• Visual acuity

• Physically able to lift and carry objects (be prepared to be subjected to assessment of physical abilities

Competencies : Knowledge Required:

• Applications must have the potential and attributes necessary to be trained to efficiently and safety perform the task of a Train Assistant and to be trained as a Train Driver.

Applicants must however process the following:

o Psycho motor
o Depth Perception

o Communication (reading, written and verbal)

Position outputs :

• Obtain and place equipment on train (± 15kg)
• Check and supplement prescribed equipment i.e. pantograph hook stick (± 5kg), jumper cables (± 10kg) etc.
• Coupled locomotive (multiple set) through air and vacuum hoses, jumper cable and ensure correct functioning of automatic between locomotives
• Dispatch locomotives, operating hand operated points
• Attached and/or detach vehicles according to works order in absence of yard personnel (Equivalent of 45kg)
• Mount telemeters (where necessary) i.e. mount (front unit = 5.17kg) (rear unit – 8.06kg)
• Remove and carry train indicators to last vehicle and mount (side and rear indicators) (± 10kg) Required to board vehicle to effect proper mounting

• Examining of train as prescribed


• Verbal exchange of signal positions
• Observe proceeding trains
• Patrol locomotives (walking through corridors of electric locomotives using extended foot plate and hand rails at speeds up to 40km/h; walking on running board of diesel locomotives and stepping over to another locomotive at speeds up to 40km/h; manual operating of circuit breakers while locomotive is in motion)
• Protect train during incidents, accidents, etc.
• Be prepared to walk relatively long distances to check train loads (day and night)
• Determine status of train, placing and securing of detonators on rail, displaying hand signals day and night, walking on uneven ground, ability to withstand natural elements.
• Assistance to Train Driver during emergencies (in event of Driver failure to bring train to standstill; walking long distances to report positions, and requirements)
• Attach/detach trucks as per works-order (manual application of equipment; standing of vehicle walking alongside moving vehicles)

• Obtain radios/handsets/two way communication radios/telemeters when applicable (carrying of communication equipment and place on footplate or mount on vehicle)


• Obtain radios/handsets/two way communication radios/telemeters when applicable (carrying of communication equipment and place on footplate or mount on vehicle)


• Assist the Train Driver by applying hand brake
• Secure as prescribed (applying hand brakes and placing of scotch blocks in front wheels

• Store tools and equipment (remove kit-box from locomotive and store away)

Behavioural Attributes:

• Safety conscious
• Environmental awareness

• Conscientious

The closing date is on 14.12.2017.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that HR has received the application before the closing date of the advertisement.

Click Here to Apply Location : Rosmead

Click Here to Location : Swartkops

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